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Why You Should Keep a Diary!

Three Reasons Why You Should Keep a Diary!

It is a truism that when you document and measure your attempts at anything, progress is far quicker and easier. This is equally true with Astral Projection!

I recommend a Page-per-View Diary. Sometimes you may only write a couple of lines, but you don’t want to find yourself running out of space when you have a particularly great experience.

Getting into a habit of constantly monitoring your efforts allows you to see what it most effective for you, helps you remember your successes and what caused them, and most importantly, will help keep you motivated.

Keeping a diary is invaluable for:

1. Establishing a routine

Without a routine, it is difficult to achieve anything, let alone something that takes a little more self-discipline.

Make it easy for yourself, and buy a nice, good quality diary that it will be a pleasure to write in. I also like to use a quality fountain pen; somehow it
just feels more “right”.

You could also make your notes on your computer or phone, but personally I find the physicality of writing by hand just helps me to achieve my goals

It has been said that it takes around one month to establish a new “habit” or routine.

2. Monitoring your successes and failures

It is easy to get some initial positive results, and get close to having an out of body experience, and
then give up. Often, this is just due to forgetting what was successful, and what was not.

Remember, that which is recorded is likely to improve, and when you are actively monitoring and looking for improvements to find your own best
personal style is even more likely to yield positive results.

3. Recording experiences makes them real!

With something that may seem so intangible as Astral Projection, the act of writing makes the experiences
somehow more “real”. Your close misses will seem more real, and help you to keep motivated.

If you have ever kept a Dream Diary, you will know what I mean. Dreams that you write down when you first wake up will stay with you, but those
that you don’t will often disappear by the time you have finished your first coffee of the day.

For Action: Get yourself a diary today, and start writing in it. Your improvements will become obvious very quickly!

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