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Why Learn to Astral Project?

Since we all have limited time on this planet, and lots of other important things to do, why learn to Astral Project at all?

What are the benefits, and what can we learn from the experience?

To start with, Astral doesn’t really have any obviously-tangible benefits when you return to the “real world”. Non-believers have a tendency to see the whole thing as self-indulgent, crackpot, hippy nonsense. And I can understand this. It must kind of seem that way.

There are, however, some real benefits for you, even if other people don’t necessarily recognize them!

The levels of meditation required for successful Astral Projection are very beneficial for your mental and physical health. Meditation, regardless of the reason, is shown to have great benefits for lowering blood-pressure for instance.

OBEers find that it gives them an opportunity to unwind. In our increasingly hectic world, we never seem to take a break. After even an unsuccessful projection attempt, I find that I am refreshed, and can return to normal life with an increased energy and productivity.

On a more esoteric level, OBEs allow us to see our world from another perspective – from the perspective of changing energies. It opens up a new way for us to understand the reality of life.

But this is a bit much to explain to the sceptic.

So, let it suffice to say, Astral Projection allows us to take a small break from what is called the real world, to take what may even be described as a holiday in our head. Where some people may resort to casual usage of alcohol or drugs, or save up for months to take a vacation, to get a break from the everyday normality, we can do this from the comfort of your own home, with no expense, and with no risk to health.

That ought to be enough to persuade some people to give it a try, and once you experience the effects for yourself, you will also start to recognize the benefits spiritually.

For Action – You won’t know until you try, so start with some relaxation exercises, every day, and as soon as this is becoming a maintainable habit, start to introduce some of the Astral Projection techniques we describe!

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