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Why Can’t I Astral Project?

Astral Projection not working? Do you need help to figure out why your attempts have not been successful?

There may be a number of reasons why your attempts at Astral Projection are not working, yet.

Don’t despair, I’ve probably come across all the problems at one time or another, and I wrote this post to help you solve them!

The First and Most Common Problem Encountered by the Would-Be Astral Traveler is Simply Insufficient Relaxation

If you are struggling to have a successful Astral Projection, chances are that you are insufficiently relaxed, mentally, physically or both.

This can only improve with practice.

Astral Projection is not to be forced or rushed. Many very experienced OBEers still sometimes fail to successfully project.

Often, the best solution is to concentrate on your self-relaxation techniques, which will have huge benefits for you anyway!

I recommend starting off with breathing exercises, deep physical relaxation (baths, massage and progressive muscle relaxation are all very helpful), and meditation, in this order.

We suggest methods of relaxation that will help you achieve the right kind of trance for Astral Projection, and there are also products available to help with this.

Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones are a very helpful way to induce the correct level of trance – these work by using sound to trigger particular brain frequencies – and can really speed up your progress.

Find out more about these here…

(However, be warned, there are charlatans out there who will try and sell you expensive but poor quality products that will not help with Astral Projection one bit.)

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Falling Asleep Before the Out of Body Experience is Successful

Often we lie down, get ourselves fully relaxed and ready for an Out of Body Experience, only to find that we fall asleep before exit from the body is achieved.

This still happens to me, and is nothing to worry about! Your body is conditioned to fall asleep when lying down, particularly in bed, unless you are unfortunate enough to suffer from insomnia.

If you are finding that you always fall asleep when attempting Astral Projection, the best thing to do is change your habits a little bit.

Firstly, since your body has been conditioned to fall asleep in bed, try your OBE exercises outside of the bedroom. This step alone is often enough to create a massive improvement in results!

You are also probably falling asleep because you are tired, so ensuring that you get enough sleep is likely to help with successful Out of Body Experiences.

You can also try Astral Projection in the morning, as after a night’s sleep you will be well rested. Setting your alarm earlier than normal, and doing your astral projection exercises in the morning can often yield results.

Afternoons can be good for Astral Projection, as well, although I sometimes fall asleep then as well.

It is worth saying that often when we fall asleep before exit, we may still manage to experience a Lucid dream, which is different but related to Astral Projection. So it’s worth working on your Lucid Dreaming in tandem with Astral Projection. Later in this website we will outline methods for Lucid Dreaming!

A Failure to Remember Out of Body Experiences

You may be surprised to know that many people who think that they cannot induce an Out of Body Experience simply have difficulty remembering their experiences. Because of the nature of the Out of Body Experience, a failure to remember the experience makes the whole episode as though it didn’t take place.

There are several ways of improving your Astral Projection memories, but the most simple and effective one is simply to keep a pen and paper by your bed, and get into the habit of recording all of your dreams and dream experiences.

There is a high chance that you will rediscover some memories from Astral Projections and Lucid Dreams. Recording dreams is very useful for anyone with an interest in these matters, so you should be doing it, anyway!

Fear, Unease or Panic at the Moment of Projection

As discussed in my article about Techniques for Astral Projection, a profound feeling of vertigo is common before a successful exit from the body, which sometimes stops the student from completing the projection.

Additionally, the point of exit is sometimes accompanied by genuine physical discomfort or even pain.

A pressure is often felt around the head, like a very tight band.

In fact, there is a whole host of common symptoms associated with Astral Projection.

If your attempts to Astral Project are being distracted by these sensations it is useful to understand that these feelings are not unique, and nor are they permanent.

Once your projection is complete, these feelings will disappear.

Trying to Rush the Astral Projection Process

Some people just master Astral Projection quicker than others. In the same way that some people may learn to drive a car quicker than others, it does not necessarily mean that the slower starters will not develop a better technique.

In fact, it is often the case that those who have to work hardest at Astral Projection to get results end up having a much better grasp of it.

Don’t feel that you have to rush the learning experience, it is part of the journey towards Astral Projection!

Pay Attention to When Your Attempts at Astral Projection are Most Nearly Successful

As with learning anything, the key is to observe the conditions that get results, and do more of them.

Even if not completely successful at inducing an Out of Body Experience, if you feel that progress is being made then this is a direction that you should concentrate on.

Dietary and Health Reasons for Unsuccessful Astral Projection

In terms of dietary reasons for problems with Astral Projection, low protein meals are to be recommended before attempting to induce an Out of Body Experience.

I am not advocating a vegetarian diet, and I am far from being a vegetarian, but eating a heavy meal that is high in protein does seem to hinder Astral Projection.

I’m sure it is not a coincidence that the cultures where mysticism is more widespread tend to have a diet that is lower in protein. Furthermore, in the sectors of these societies that are most devoted to the spiritual, such as in the priesthoods, special diets avoiding meat are commonplace.

To be clear, the problem is eating a meal high in protein close to the time that you intend to project. You DON’T need to completely abstain from meat, or indeed any other foods that you enjoy.

In fact, it is best to avoid eating too much of anything before trying to induce an Out-of-Body Experience. The reason for this is that the energy you need to project is being diverted into digesting your meal. Naturally, the heavier the meal, the more energy needed to process it. (I’ve written more about what I’ve learned about diet and Astral Projection here…)

As far as health reasons go, I am far from being the most healthy man on the planet, and this has not restricted my abilities to achieve an Out-of-Body Experience! However, some health issues, such as problems with breathing, can certainly be found to make Astral Projection very difficult. In these instances, your first step should be to seek medical advice.

Focus on each of these points, and you will see a sharp increase in your progress. And soon you will find yourself able to Astral Project successfully and without difficulty.

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