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Is There a Danger that I Will Not Be Able to Return to My Body After Astral Projection?

A common myth about Astral Projection is that of Astral travelers somehow becoming stranded, & unable to return to their body after projecting.

This is quite a pervasive myth, because the idea of one’s body and soul being permanently separated is the stuff of nightmares. Essentially, it would mean death, with the ethereal body destined to wander the astral realms.

A novel has even been written by James Herbert (Nobody True, published in 2003 by Macmillan) with this very idea as its premise. The main character is brutally murdered during an Out of Body Experience, and upon trying to return to his body finds that it is no longer possible. The rest of the story involves him attempting to find out the truth of what happened, avenge his own death, all the while watching events around his life, but unable to interact. Gradually, he discovers that much of his life has been a lie.

And more recently the Insidious movies have created a lot of worries for would-be Astral Travelers.

Fortunately, although it makes for a good story, the reality is that this happening during Astral Projection is virtually impossible. The myth probably stems from the fact that occasionally a little difficulty is experienced in returning to the body. This does really happen from time to time, but it is nothing to get concerned about.

If you should find yourself having re-entry problems during Astral Projection, it is important to know that there is no reason to panic! Just enjoy the extra time that you have to travel and explore, and you will return to your body in good time.

The other side of the same myth involves something happening to the physical body while the etheric body is off travelling. Again, this idea is quite a horrific one, and it is no wonder that it has a hold on popular imagination. This also is a fear that I believe is pretty much unfounded.

When we are Astral Projecting and something arises that could be a threat, the ethereal body will return instantly to the physical body; this is something I have experienced a couple of times. You should not regard your body as being any more defenseless when you are having an Out-of-Body-Experience than when you are sleeping!

Furthermore, when Astral Projection takes place, the physical body and the ethereal body are never truly separated, and you can rest assured that should the worst happen your ethereal body will expire as soon as your physical body does.

How can I be so confident that you cannot be permanently separated from your body during Astral Projection?

To someone who is not experienced in Astral Projection, it may seem that there is no way of knowing for sure, either way. However, during my travels I have had countless encounters with people from all over the world. I am sure that during this time I would have met someone who had become permanently separated from their body, if it were possible. Indeed, the Astral planes would be littered with them.


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