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What Are the Symptoms of an Out-of-Body Experience? (What to Expect…)

So, You’ve Dedicated Time & Energy into Learning How to Astral Project…

A lot of people get to the point of exiting their body, and then, when the unfamiliar sensations kick-in, they panic, lose their trance-state, and fail to project.

That’s why knowing what symptoms to expect is really important.

I’ll not beat around the bush – your first OBE can be quite a frightening experienceespecially if you’re not prepared, and don’t know what to expect.

A feeling that you are going to die is not uncommon for first-time projectors! Obviously, this can be quite distracting, and prevent your first successful projection, or even put you off the idea forever.

Different people have different symptoms, but everyone will have at least a couple of the signs in common.

Here are the seven most common signs that you are about to have an out-of-body experience:

1. Sleep Paralysis

A lot of people actually suffer from sleep paralysis, without any intentions of Astral Projection. It is extremely disturbing if you let it affect you in a negative way, but in terms of Astral Projection it’s actually a really positive sign.

I’ll be explaining how to induce sleep paralysis later, but for the meanwhile, just understand that it’s a state where your mind is conscious, but your body is asleep.

Since you’re actively trying to have an OBE, this shouldn’t worry you too much, but imagine what it’s like to experience this without all the preparation!

2. An Increased Heart Rate

At least, this is what it feels like.

It is difficult to ignore! But ignore it you must. This sign appears very close to the exit stage, and can distract you from your goal by shocking you out of your trance.

Some people feel as though they are about to have a heart-attack, their heart seems to be beating so fast.

Actually, though, the sensation is not from your heart, but your Heart Center. You can test this using a heart monitor – and you may find that, if anything, your actual heart-beat has slowed-down!

The increased activity is in fact from your heart center working hard to generate the energy needed for an OBE.

3. Heat Sensations

Typically in the chest, and around the Navel Center. The navel center sensations are usually a warm comfortable feeling, but the heat sensations around the chest can be more extreme.

Sometimes, the heat can feel so intense that it’s as though you are burning-up, in a fever.

4. Vibrations/Tingling

These are probably the most documented of all of the out-of-body experience symptoms.

Not everyone gets these, but they are common, and I certainly experience them.

To me, tingling doesn’t seem a strong-enough word to describe the sensation, but a lot of people use this word when describing the point before exit.

From my personal experience, the vibrations are vigorous, and sometimes almost violent. It may feel as if your whole body is shaking like crazy. It feels like a genuine, physical sensation.

However, if you stand-over someone who is projecting, you won’t see any sign of the vibrations they are experiencing.

5. A Loud Humming/Buzzing Sound

This almost always accompanies the vibrations. It can be very loud indeed! Sometimes you may hear voices as well – I suspect that these voices are “invented” by your mind in the midst of all the other noise that’s going on.

6. Feeling of Pressure to the Head

This can vary from throbbing, to a mild discomfort, to actual pain.

It’s associated with the increased activity in the Brow Center and Crown Center. It can feel like a band being tightened around your head.

It’s nothing serious, and the pain should go away quickly.

7. Sinking or Floating or Suddenly Dropping

A feeling of sinking into your bed is not uncommon, and you won’t be surprised to hear that floating sensations are also a common symptom.

Sometimes the feeling can be more intense – almost as if you’re on a roller-coaster with those moments where your body is dropping down so fast that it feels as though your stomach has been left behind.

What Next?

Memorize these signs that you’re about to have an OBE!

Especially the ones that are more scary or disturbing.

Know that the more unfamiliar sensations are not something to panic about, but instead are a sign that you’re really close to success!

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