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Meditation – Inducing a State of Trance

Sometimes, getting into the correct frame of mind for astral projection takes more work.

Here is one tried-and-tested method that has worked for me many, many times.

To start with, make yourself comfortable, in either a lying or sitting position, and close your eyes.

Do the normal breathing and muscle relaxation exercises.

I find that using Binaural Beats helps a lot of people to reach the right state of relaxation.

Next, you will you will use your imagination to visualize colors, in a strict order.

(There are reasons for the colors and the order, but they need not concern you at this time. It is more important that you make every effort to visualize each color as vividly as you can.)

By the way, everyone has different levels of visual imagination, and it is your efforts that are more important than anything else.

First off, I would like you to try to imagine the color red. Visualize a field of color, imagining the color of a glass of red wine, or a shiny red apple, or a cricket ball. Something that would be indisputably red.

Hold this field of color in your mind for a few minutes. If your mind starts to stray, imagine something else with that color.

Next, you will visualize the color orange. I try to imagine an orange field of color by thinking of the robes of a Buddhist monk, or a glass of orange juice. Again, hold your mind on this color.

Next the color yellow. Imagine the pure yellow color of the center of a daisy, or the yolk of an egg. Or the yellow stripes on a bumblebee.

Something that you can use as a point of reference to create a solid yellow color in your mind’s eye.

You will now imagine the color green. A field of grass, like a golf course, will be fine here, or an emerald, and completely focus your mind on that color.

Now, imagine blue. A blue sky, or a sapphire, or crystal blue waters, anything that helps you visualize a perfect blue field of color.

Imagine this blue color slowly turning to indigo.

And then watch, as indigo transforms into the color purple, until finally, it is the deepest, most vivid violet-purple that it is possible for you to imagine.

As you stare into this deep, deep purple, you start to become aware that it is no longer purple, but instead the strongest, brightest, white light imaginable.

The white light is so bright that you may imagine that for some people it could be almost blinding, but looking into it, you feel no discomfort.

You step towards the light, and find yourself entering a tunnel of light.

Keep moving along it, looking straight ahead, while feeling aware of the motion and the movement of your feet.

It is possible to enter an OBE from this point alone, but I will usually use this as an aid to reach a trance-like state, before I go back to a technique such as the rope technique.

Give this a try, when other methods don’t seem to be working, and be prepared to be surprised by the results!

For Action: Find yourself somewhere quiet and comfortable, and try this exercise!

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