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Is Astral Projection Real?

It is certainly a reality that millions of people have practiced Astral Projection over the years, and I can attest to this from personal experience.

I have met many Astral Travellers in real life, and also very many during my own astral voyages. Astral Projection has, of cause, also been quite well-documented, and there is a fair amount about the process, both on the internet and in printed form. Not just as anecdotes, but also in the form of rigorous scientific documentation.

But the complicated question is not really whether Astral Projection is “real”, as in “possible”, which it certainly is, but more, what happens during Astral Projection?

How much of what happens during the Out of Body experience can be regarded as “real”, and how much is imagined?

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As an aside, a hardcore philosopher like Descartes would be able to argue that you cannot rely on even your own perceptions and observations, and that everything could be an illusion.

Since I don’t find this an especially helpful way to live either in the real world or in an out of body reality, I will not concern myself with this. Anyway, I suspect that he didn’t spend that much of his time bumping into doors and walls, either!

Once you have grasped the basics of Astral Projection, it is relatively easy to conduct your own experiments to research the answers to the question “Is Astral Projection real?”.

One simple experiment to try is to place a playing card, face-up, without looking at it, on top of a wardrobe or somewhere else that will normally be out of sight. During your Astral Projection, you will float up and observe the card, and try to remember what card it was. As soon as you return to your body, you can then check the card to see if you are correct. You will be unlikely to find that you are correct every time, however you should find that you are right about the card more than enough to establish that you can actually “see” the card during your astral projections!

Another experiment that can be very informative is to get a friend who also projects, and get them to visit somewhere that you know very well, but they have never been. Often, there will be big inconsistencies between the version of the location they visit and your first-hand knowledge of the same place. There will also likely be great similarities between the “astral” and “real” versions. I cannot claim to know exactly why this should be, but when Astral travelling, it is very easy to slip between astral planes, especially when visiting places we do not know intimately.

It is for this reason you should be careful when thinking that you can use Astral Projection as any reliable method of predicting the future, or any other such silliness. Regardless of what you read or hear, Astral Projection cannot, in my view, be used for clairvoyant purposes. This not to say that it cannot be used to increase your intuition, but just that you should not take everything at face-value.

I thoroughly recommend doing these kinds of experiments when Astral Projecting. A probing and questioning mind is very beneficial for the Astral Projection process, and you should not 100% believe anything you read on the subject of Out of Body Experiences as being real. And when I say this, I am including my own writings on the subject of Astral Projection! The whole area of Astral Projection is incredibly subjective, and different people have quite different experiences, which are colored by the belief systems, the energy levels, and state of mind of the individual.

A Christian is likely to have a very different Out of Body Experience, with different imagery compared to a Hindu or a Buddhist! (Although the similarities between the experiences will certainly outweigh the differences.)

Also, a great deal of the Astral Projection experience is reliant on the ability to remember the details of the Out of Body Experience after the return to the body. Because of this, it can become difficult to know exactly what happened during your Out of Body Experience. You will probably find that one of the main areas you will need to practice on most with your experiments in astral travel is your recall of your projection experiences.

I will explain methods for improving your recall of your Astral Projections later. This is often the most over-looked technique for Out of Body Experience, as without mastering recall, you may as well have not projected at all! It is the memory of the Astral Projection experience that makes it real for you. Click here to find out why I believe getting a diary to record your astral travels is such a good idea.

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