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Grab Your Headphones – This Audio Turns You into an Instant Meditation Master

If you’ve been struggling to Astral Project, there are only a handful of reasons why.

And I bet I know what your problem is.

You see, most people never reach a deep-enough trance-state to exit the body.

That’s why I’d love to show you my secret weapon, that I recommend all students to try:

It’s a powerful set of recordings that will transform your meditation – and I personally guarantee that you will notice the results within just 10 minutes.

So, get your headphones or earbuds, and have a listen to the FREE 20 Minute Sample here…

When you start listening to it, my guess is that you’ll probably be surprised by how simple it sounds – just a “simple” track of peaceful rainfall.

But I also think you’ll be quite shocked at how easy it makes meditation – in fact a number of self-proclaimed “gurus” have gone on record to say that using this sort of technology is “cheating”. (I guess they probably also say driving your car is cheating, when you could be walking…)

How does it work?

It is a Binaural Beats track of sorts, but it also so much more, combining isochronic tones, and iNET, a technology that means that every sound you hear is enriched with brain entrainment sounds…

…unlike most binaural beats you’ll find, where a soundtrack is simply plonked on top of the beat itself.

However, by binaurally-encoding even the rain sounds, and then combining these with isochronic tones, you get a much more powerful track. Perfect, even if you’ve tried binaural beats in the past, and not been impressed by the results.

Why I recommend this to everyone who’s starting on their journey into the Astral Realms

Mastering meditation is essential to successfully inducing an Out-of-Body Experience. Yet meditation is by far the most challenging part of Astral Projection…

…and, if learnt the old-fashioned way, it can take years to learn.

In fact, according to studies, two-to-three years of dedicated, disciplined practice are normally how long it takes to learn to meditate to these depths.

And it was difficult enough when I was young – but now, with all the distractions of modern life…

Happily, though, it’s now finally possible to Fast-Track your way to the correct mental-state.

The secret behind this is using recordings designed to activate different brain-waves, and trigger not just a trance state, but the right trance-state.

Using these recordings, you can gain access to States of Consciousness previously reserved for only the most disciplined of Zen Masters.

Even if you’ve never meditated before.

If you’re serious about learning to Astral Project, and would like to see results sooner rather than later, click the link below to access extremely powerful Binaural Beats perfected by John Dupuy from iAwake. (Don’t recognize the name? John Dupuy is one of the World’s Leading Authorities on Brain Entrainment, and in my view has done more than anyone to build upon and develop the pioneering work of Robert Monroe.

=> iAwake (try out a superb 20-minute sample for free…)

This will help you to get “Astral”, much more quickly. And that’s not all!

There are so many more benefits to meditation.

For instance:

People who meditate live happier, healthier, longer lives.

Meditation can make you more productive, more focused, more imaginative, and more creative.

Meditation even makes you more intelligent – quantum leaps in brain-power and awareness are not uncommon.

Unsurprising, then, that meditation is often linked to greater success in life.

And meditation also makes you more present in the moment. It actually trains you to cherish the moment, instead of dwelling on the past or focusing all your thoughts on the future.

Because of this, it can even help you to have better, deeper relationships.

(And there is such a wealth of scientific evidence proving the benefits of meditation … even companies like Google and Apple are driving it into their work culture!)

I strongly believe that it should be taught in schools.

And yet, one of the most common questions I get every single day is:

“I try to meditate regularly… so why am I getting no closer to Astral Projection? And why am I still so stressed/tired/sick/overwhelmed?”

If you’re one of the millions of people who’re struggling to reap the full rewards of your inward practice…

I want you to know the real problem isn’t YOU.

Meditation is like working out at the gym –

It works, and it can change your life… but only when you’re given the correct technique and guidance.

Do it the wrong way… and you may spend months or years slogging away, with nothing but frustration to show for your good intentions.

And that’s why my friends at iAwake have designed this remarkable audio technology that makes meditation as easy as pushing a button

And all you do is slide on your headphones and LISTEN.

I really wish that I’d known just how effective and efficient this system is for inducing a trance, when I was first learning, and when I started out teaching my students. If you want to get results faster, and without spending years of effort and frustration, this is how to do it.

These recordings harness specially-engineered sounds to automatically lower your brainwaves to a meditative stateeven if you’ve never meditated in your life.

There is simply no method more effective method for inducing the Theta Brain State (which is where Astral Projection happens…)

By the way, Binaural Beats are used by some of the world’s top teachers in personal and spiritual growth, for example Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield (best-selling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul), and Gay and Katie Hendricks.

(And these particular recordings are scientifically and clinically proven – in fact they are used by many therapists, physicians and educators all around the world.)

And I love it so much, I’ve now infused all of my own Project Yourself OBE Training Events with this exact technology.

You’ll find that the sounds are a bit strange, and maybe even a bit unpleasant.

It has to be like this to work – relaxing music, either on its own, or with guided hypnosis, is simply nowhere near as effective.

Frankly, this is not some shallow, “trippy” chill-out musicit’s nothing less than the science of creating an Altered State of Consciousness.

Please do understand – this is an incredibly powerful short-cut to reaching the perfect trance-state for Astral Projection…

…But it’s not the final piece of the puzzle.

You do still need to practice the exercises to actually exit your body, and you still need to learn the symptoms of the out-of-body experience so that they don’t panic you out of projecting.

But reaching a state of trance is, for almost everyone, the biggest challenge. After you’ve got this stage “in-the-bag”, the rest is generally plain sailing.

Click here and “Fast-Track” your Meditation…

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