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How Many People Actually Manage to Have an Out of Body Experience?

The answer to this may surprise you!

But, when all types of OBE are counted, an estimated 10% of people have had an out of body experience of some description at some point in their life.

Some estimates are as high as 25%!

So when you are feeling as though your efforts are not leading anywhere, and you are repeatedly getting close, and feeling the vibrations, but not actually leaving your body, this is a statistic to think about!

Statistically, it appears that having an OBE is not much more difficult than falling off a log!

Of course, when you are deliberately trying to induce an OBE for the first time, it doesn’t seem that way.

But, when you bear in mind that we are including mystics from various religions, and those who have had a near death experience, people whose experience has been triggered by a lucid dream, or occur on the operating table, or from sleep paralysis, and people from so many walks of life, maybe this statistic is really not so surprising after all.

After all, how many people around the world have terrifying accidents that jar their senses?

How many heart attacks are there around the world? How many drug overdoses?

How many operations are performed around the world, daily?

How many monks are there, of all religions, practicing daily meditation?

How many people with sleeping disorders?

And how many people are there like you, silently practicing until they can induce an OBE at will?

How many people do you know, who have had an OBE, but haven’t mentioned it? It would appear, rather a lot…!

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