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How Do I Know I’ve Had an OBE?

The simple answer – If you’re not sure, then you haven’t had one!

Harsh, but true.

I have spoken to many people who were not sure, and when they described what they thought might be an OBE, it was clear that they hadn’t.

Genuine OBEs are really quite unmistakable, and once you’ve had one there is no room left for doubt.

It’s not all bad news, though.

Everyone who thought they may have had an OBE described to me perfectly the symptoms to the very early stages prior to a successful exit from the body. Something held them back, or disturbed them, (often panic…) but they were all so close that they could quite literally feel it.

A very good analogy to use is to compare an out of body experience with an orgasm!

When someone asks an agony aunt whether they have had an orgasm, the answer is generally pretty similar – if you have to ask, then you haven’t had one.

But the fact you are asking does indicate that you weren’t a million miles off. Same with Astral Projection.

Another similarity is that while science can explain the sensations, it can’t really do justice to the actual experience.


If you are not sure you have had an OBE, then you most likely haven’t. But it does mean that you are getting very close to achieving one, so for heaven’s sake, keep on trying, and in time you will manage to have one!

For Action – Try keeping a diary, and you will find that by recording your near misses you will get closer and closer to your goal! Read more here…

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