I want to be completely transparent with you. Sometimes, when you click a link on our site and buy something, then we may be paid a small referral fee. This is extremely common on the internet, and is how many sites, including ourselves, manage to finance themselves.

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So’s you know, although from time-to-time, we may have a suggestion for something that will help you progress faster and more effectively (and there are some great tools out there, nowadays!), everything we describe on this site can be achieved completely for free, just using your own natural resources!

People have been doing this stuff for thousands of years without using software, special glasses or music designed to aid a trance-state.

And, in fact, I learned to do this before the days of personal computers, internet etc. I used libraries, book shops, and a whole bunch of audio cassettes with relaxing recordings to aid meditation.

There’s no shame in doing things the old-fashioned way, just as there’s no shame in taking the odd short-cut!

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy our little site, and that we help you find some really cool resources within you that you get many, many years of use out of. Because that’s why we started this site!