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What’s the Best Position for Astral Projection?

Sitting? Lying Down? What is Best for Inducing an Out-of-Body Experience?

Have you been struggling to Astral Project for a long time, but still found that it’s not working for you?

Have you been reading forums, and heard different opinions on what is the best position for having an out-of-body experience?

If so, you might like to know you’re not alone on this.

Here’s the thing:

Meditating into a deep trance can be achieved from a lying-down position, or from a sitting position, and both have their own benefits and disadvantages.

Sometimes, one will work where the other will not.

Which position is more successful for you at any given time will depend on various factors, including:

  • Comfort
  • Warmth
  • Distractions & Noise
  • Your Energy Levels at the Time

Projecting from a Reclining Position


  1. Most people find it much easier to relax while lying down
  2. It feels more natural. Sitting-up meditating makes a lot of people feel a bit self-conscious.
  3. However little space you have at home, you probably have a bed!
  4. When you’re very still, you can become quite cold – and your bed probably comes with covers.
  5. It’s often easier to get away from noise in your household in your bedroom
  6. Projecting from a lucid dream…


  1. It is far more likely you’ll fall asleep. You’ve most likely conditioned your body to fall asleep once your head hits the pillow.Particularly if you haven’t been getting enough rest.
  2. If your mattress is not a good one, or is in poor condition, once your muscles relax, you can find your body sinking into its contours. This can start to create aches and discomfort, sure to distract you from projecting. (If this is the case, I’d urge you to splash-out on the best mattress you can afford – let’s face it, you’ll spend one third of your time on it.)
  3. If you’re avoiding your bed because you keep falling asleep, I’d hazard a guess that your sofa won’t be an appropriate alternative – chances are it will become uncomfortable.

Projecting From a Seated Position


  1. From a seated position, it is much less likely that you’ll fall asleep
  2. Because of 1. it’s much more suitable for when you do feel a little tired…
  3. Once you master projecting from sitting, you can project pretty much anywhere – at the beach, the top of a mountain, beside a waterfall…does that sound like quite a huge advantage?


  1. Learning to project from sitting doesn’t come as naturally – and sitting bolt-upright with eyes closed makes some feel too self-conscious
  2. If you have poor posture, you’ll struggle – until you improve your posture, pains in the lower back and neck, and even reduced circulation may distract you too much.
  3. In the same way as I recommend investing in a decent mattress, if you’re going to be meditating from seated, you need a good chair that provides your back with support – at least until you’ve mastered controlling your posture.
  4. Particularly, you need to focus on keeping your head and neck balanced and straight.

To conclude – I personally use both positions for out-of-body experiences.

But, since so many people find themselves falling asleep, time-after-time, when trying to project from their bedroom, using a chair with good back support is the best option. A wooden dining chair is suitable with some carefully placed cushions, so you don’t need to think that you’ve got to buy any specific meditation chair.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to be able to project from anywhere?

But keep trying both, it’s a personal thing, and there are a lot less rules than some people would have you believe.

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