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Is Astral Projection compatible with Christian beliefs?

Whether or not Astral Projection is appropriate for the practicing Christian is a question that many people have asked themselves.

Why there should be a resistance to Astral Projection within parts of the Christian community, I can only speculate.

Out of Body Experiences certainly happened to quite a few of the main players in the Bible; and it is also true to say that, as a generalization, most people who have experimented with Astral Projection have found that it reinforced their religious convictions. Regardless of whether Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Buddhist, time and time again, I have heard descriptions of Out of Body Experiences full of religious imagery.

Dreams are mentioned countless times in the Bible, as a way of God communicating with his followers. The visions and prophesies that come to God’s chosen servants very often take the unmistakable form of the Lucid Dream.

My feeling is that the cause of some Christian’s antipathy towards Astral Projection is based more upon the fact that a lot of the information available on the subject is found in the more New Age or Occult websites and bookstores. This has lead to an unfortunate association with Ouija boards, Tarot cards and other subjects with nothing really in common with the Out of Body Experience.

There are many Christian Astral Projectors out there, who find such things as Ouija boards extremely distasteful, but think nothing of Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection. For these people, Astral Travel is a way of strengthening and rejoicing in their spirituality.

While there are those who claim that they use Astral Projection for clairvoyant purposes, which understandably can make the subject contentious for the Christian, this is not really an aspect of OBEs that is of great interest to most Astral travelers.

The greatest part of the whole experience is that of travelling and exploring the spaces that become available for you when you master Astral Projection, and a great many Christians have found a new dimension that does in no way replace their faith, but rather complements it.

If you’re reading this, wondering whether practicing Astral Projection can be compatible with Christianity, please try to dispel any concerns that this anything to do with the Occult. Thousands of committed Christians have found in Astral Projection an extra dimension to their spirituality, that in no way contradicts any religious teachings.

Furthermore, it is often those who already have that spiritual aspect to their life who find the process of mastering Astral Projection that much easier.

I would certainly hate for you to miss out on the marvelous experiences, and self-realization that comes with them, for the sake of following too-closely a dogma preached by people who have clearly never actually experienced Astral Projection.


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