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Are Out of Body Experiences Safe?

Are there any dangers involved in inducing an Out of Body Experience?

Well, it is sensible to question the safety of Astral Projection, and it is a subject that requires a serious answer.

To start with, I must say that I have been astral projecting for many years, and no harm has come to me.

On an anecdotal level, I also know many people who have been inducing Out of Body Experiences, some for longer than myself, without any psychological or physical harm.

However, you may find that some of your Out of Body Experiences are quite unsettling, particularly your earlier ones.

These early projections should not actually be frightening, but due to the new-ness of the experience, will certainly feel strange.

The initial feeling as you project from your body is particularly unnerving, the first time it is experienced. If you have not experienced the sensation of leaving your body before, I recommend you read about it here, as it is very helpful to understand what is happening at this point.

Even so, your experiences in astral travel should be more akin to the feelings you experience in real-life travelling. You will find yourself visiting places which may look different and strange, and where customs may differ, but the experience will be more bemusing than scary.

One theory sometimes expounded among those who practice Astral Projection is that “like attracts like”. That is, if you are inducing an Out of Body Experience with intentions that are basically benign, then you will find yourself visiting only the more enjoyable astral planes. This is outside of your control, more-or-less. Even if you wanted to visit astral planes that are “darker” than you would be able to handle, it seems that generally speaking there is some kind of a force that will prevent you from doing so.

The one way to greatly increase your chances of having an unhappy Out of Body Experience is to use drugs to help induce a successful Astral Projection.

There is no doubt that certain illicit substances can make it much easier to project outside your body. This is where the problem lies.

The ease with which the astral traveler induces an Out of Body Experience makes it far more likely that they will encounter more than they are experienced to handle.

I know there are countless astral projectors who regularly use drugs to help with their projections, without any adverse effects. However, it only takes one time, one bad experience, and that can be enough to spoil any future Out of Body Experiences.

It is for this reason, and not for any notions of morality, that leads me to strongly urge any would be astral travelers to steer clear of using drugs to aid astral projection.

Besides which, it is far more rewarding to learn the technique for inducing an Out of Body Experience simply through practice and patience. This will ultimately lead to you being able to project under any circumstances, and in any environment.

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